Construction: Food Bank.
Use: Installation designed to provide food to the Bregnans based in a blood analysis.
Watched: 5th Episode  -The Purge-
Highlights: The Architecture is similar a place or a public park. In the center of the project, the cubicles are located to consume the lettuce supplied to each inhabitant.
Construction: Monican Cosmodrome. 
Use: Liberate the earth of influence of The Demiurge. Sending it into space in a rocket.
Watched: 6th Episode  -The Demiurge-
Highlights: The construction is similar to Baikonur Cosmodrome, located in Kazakhstan. Built under ground level, similar to a crater.
Construction: Little view of Monica, across of boundary wall.
Use: Prevent people from escaping.
Watched: 2nd Episode  -Thanatophobia-
Highlights: The wall that divides the two nations, has mechanical steel panels that cover the holes in the wall. We can see the peculiar shape of the buildings and gray tones
Construction: End of Train Railway.
Use: Landing area of Train.
Watched: 5th Episode  -The Purge-
Highlights: The blue wall looks like monumental in the ocher desert of Bregna, only broken by the access stairs.
Construction: Room of Bregnan Medical Center.
Use: Recuperation before medical intervention.
Watched: 2nd Episode  -Thanatophobia-
Highlights: The interior design looks like more a medical wing of a Correctional Institution, with the furniture of industrial design, the minimal size of the windows and reinforced doors.
Construction: Interior view of pool and shower in the cloning lab.
Use: Grooming area.
Watched: 3rd Episode -A last time for everything-
Highlights: The interior design of this construction is more like a sport facility than a laboratory. The cylindrical wall in the background with lighting provide you with a pleasant environment.
Construction: Panoramic view of Border between Monica and Bregna Nation. 
Use: Keeping Bregna citizens within the nation, most of them tries to escape from the dictatorship of Trevor Goodchild
Watched: 2st Episode -Thanatophobia-
Highlights: The blue houses are Monican Apartments, the sides of the border automatic weapon. The yellow houses are Bregnan houses.
Construction: 7981 Plant, Medical Parts Facility
Use: Development of medical instruments to control in the border of nations Monica and Bregna .
Watched: 2st Episode -Thanatophobia-
Highlights: Industrial area.
Construction: Bregnian Government Building
Use: Trevor’s Offices
Watched: 1st Episode -Utopia or Deuteranopia-
Highlights: Trevor’s Office with panoramic view of Bregna Nation, Heliport and Garden in the top of roof.
Æon Flux is an avant-garde American science fiction animated television series that aired on MTV. It premiered in 1991 on MTV’s Liquid Television.
Æon Flux was created by Korean American animator Peter Chung (also the man behind Phantom 2040, which used the same animation style as Æon Flux).
In this space, we discuss the peculiar architecture presented in this series of TV.
For more information visit Aeon Flux in Wikipedia.